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Apple Creek Vineyard Farm

About Us

Apple Creek Vineyard Farm is a family-owned, high-tech Farm and Nursery located in Galt, California. We focus on sustainable farming and organic practices. Our goals are to call for management plans that, rather than solely maximize production, but strive to maximize system health and educational viability. Long-term, sustainable heavy yields can only be the result of a healthy system. 

We offer a wide variety of products to our community:

Mission Statement

Apple Creek Vineyard Farm’s mission is to improve health and the environment through sustainable farming practices by embracing science, innovation and technology.

Vision Statement

Apple Creek Vineyard Farm’s vision is to lead the way in high-tech farming while preserving and enhancing the environment. Our vision is not only to promote a full-scale line of products to local schools, restaurants, farmers markets and individuals, but also deliver educational seminars, tours, and internships focused on sustainable farming practices.


Safe Farming with High-Tech Practices

We are proud of our energy efficient Nursery and high tunnel greenhouses that allow for winter production, and allow opportunities for diverse crop rotations. Apple Creek Vineyard Farm’s hydroponic system is better than organic farming. Hydroponic systems mimic the natural symbiotic relationship between fish & plants. Even traditional organic farms need to supplement their soil with fertilizers. These fertilizers can be bad for the overall health of the soil and watershed.

When buying from Apple Creek Vineyard Farm, you can be sure that what you’re eating is 100% chemical free.

Apple Creek Vineyard Farm

Video By Sasha Hoze